If your home has its own well water system, or if you would like the extra assurance of knowing your home’s water and plumbing system are safe from toxins and contamination, you can request a Water Quality Test be performed along with your Home Inspection for an additional charge or as a standalone service.

Either way, testing is vital in determining whether the water in your home is of good quality. Most contaminants are colorless and odorless, including arsenic, lead, and biological pathogens. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends routine testing for common contaminants such as dissolved solids, bacteria, pH balance, nitrates, and more.

Properly constructed and maintained water wells can provide many years of trouble-free service, but wells can eventually deteriorate or become damaged and allow surface contaminants to enter the water. In addition, some groundwater can contain one or more chemical substances in levels above health-based standards. If you have a private well regular testing is your responsibility.

For a nominal fee we will collect a water sample from your home and send out for laboratory testing with results provided to you.