We include thermal imaging of specific areas in all of our Sound Structure Home Inspection packages — at no additional charge. Why? Because we believe in utilizing the most advanced technology to provide the best protection for homebuyers and homeowners alike.

We also offer Thermal Imaging Inspections as a standalone service at a reduced rate for property owners with specific concerns, such as air or water leaks, flat roofs (which can cause moisture issues), or hot or cold spots in the home or a commercial building. This is a limited inspection that utilizes only the infrared camera to identify issues within a home or commercial building’s systems or structure.

With Thermal Imaging we can capture more information than is visible to the human eye. An infrared scan can often identify issues that are not visible with the naked eye. The infrared camera “sees” wavelengths of light that human eyes cannot. These wavelengths are converted to a visible spectrum and displayed on the camera’s screen and within photos it produces.

Issues commonly found include heat loss with heating systems and insulation gaps, cooling problems with gaps in duct-work, radiant floor heating malfunctions, moisture problems in ceilings and walls, pest infestations, and electrical issues such as overloaded circuits, overheated equipment and electrical faults.

At the end of your inspection, we’ll review our findings with you and answer any questions you may have. An inspection report will also be provided within 24-36 hours and includes digital photos taken during the inspection to help you understand the nature and general location of potential defects.